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The Bunny Trail

When my mom fell the night before I was supposed to leave on my trip, and then couldn't bend her knee in the morning...

Instead of leaving for Virginia, I fetched the portable commode out of the shed, got down the raised toilet seat from the garage's ceiling loft, brought my mom her two walker options, and pulled my car out of the garage (my dad's nice gesture to me before I left), and put the van back in the garage so my parents could get in it. Then I sent them off to the ER.

Regarding the trip to the shed:

My snow boot options (both too big for me) for traipsing through 2 feet of snow were a pair that left a finger-sized hole right above my foot and a more uncomfortable pair that at least closed around my foot all the way. I walked up the basement steps (where the boots were) and then immediately slipped on the tile (I didn't fall). So snow boots with NO traction. Great.

After retrieving the walker from the garage, I went back downstairs to make the trek to the shed. I went outside and discovered the rabbits had left tracks, including a path that had been used multiple times. It reminded me of my dog's tracks through the snow, and that made me emotional and want to cry since I wasn't going to see him that weekend and I didn't know when I would.

However, where the path was, there was only 1 foot of snow instead of 2. So I literally took the bunny trail, dodging poo along the way. Such is my life.

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