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Embracing the Sunrise

A Contemporary Romance Novel

Work in Progress

He lost himself while portraying his celebrity image; she’s been left to fend for herself because of her physical limitations. Together, can they find where they belong?

Jet Stone’s life as a successful movie star is missing a critical component—himself. Unfortunately, he didn’t discover that until after his agent demanded he produce an autobiography. Jet doesn’t like what he sees on the pages, so he seeks out a local author to help him write something that doesn’t make him cringe.


Emily McKain has an adventurous spirit and an injured leg that refuses to fully recover. Unable to meet her parents’ expectations and often disregarded by her peers, she’s determined to reclaim the only home where she felt loved before the bank sells it to someone else. As a freelance writer and editor, the big payout from Jet’s high-profile autobiography would put Emily’s dream within reach.


Jet sees Emily as a woman who focuses on what matters most, and he aspires to do the same. But Emily doubts her experience qualifies her to help him. After all, he’s a famous actor who moved to her small city of Cedar Ridge. When Jet offers to take Emily on the adventures she craves, he doesn’t expect a different kind of journey to begin. As they get what they need from each other, will they also get what they treasure?

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